Susannah Raulino (click for bio) and Vanessa Shields (click for bio) opened Create a Gogo as a place for people to explore the wonders of their minds and hearts in a fun supportive environment. Create a Gogo means create to your heart’s content. We offer workshops, classes, and sessions in creativity and self-development. Join us in connecting to inspiration through writing, acting, yoga, dance, shamanic journeys and meditation.

Susannah and Vanessa

Susannah and Vanessa



The Create a Gogo mission is to facilitate experiences where people:
*Create states for themselves in which they feel inspired, unstoppable and connected to their true nature
*Explore their creativity as a vast endless source to which they have instant and continuous access
*Find joy and inner confirmation that they are in alignment with the right path for them
*Know effortless fun, and synergistic creative relationships.


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Photo credit – Jon Bolden Photography http://www.jonbolden.com/ 

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