Connect with the fun and joy that dance has to offer! Learn how to increase your confidence, body awareness, movement, and control in Vanessa’s DUET0241(INTERNET)dance classes or private lessons.

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Swing Dance for Beginners – a six week series at UT Informal Classes - Thursday nights 7:30-8:30pm offered every semester INFORMATION and REGISTRATION available at UT Informal Classes

Wedding Dance Lessons: Click HERE to view Vanessa’s wedding page.

Private Lessons: Swing, Lindy Hop, Solo-Jazz, Blues, Charleston, Two-Step, Wedding lessons

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Phone: 512-748-9308



Single lesson $70

3 pack of lessons $195 ($65 a lesson)

6 pack of lessons $360 ($60 a lesson)

9 pack of lessons $495 ($55 a lesson)


Vanessa Shields is a professional dancer and educator who loves to teach. She has been teaching and competing professionally in dance for over 13 years. Vanessa enjoys working with students of all levels, and she seems to have a special knack for working with beginners. Her students say that she is patient, fun to be around, and is an outstanding teacher.


For those who perform or compete, Vanessa also provides performance coaching with the Adhri Technique, which is used to access power and strength in performance and other high-pressure situations.


Vanessa’s recent competition credits include:

1st Place All-Star Strictly Lindy – Lindyfest 2014

2ndPlace All-Star Jack and Jill – Lindyfest 2014

1st Place Blues – Lindyfest 2013

1stPlace All-Star Jack and Jill Lindyfest 2013

2nd Place All-Star Strictly Lindy – Lindyfest 2013


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What students are saying:

Vanessa was amazing, my fiance had NEVER danced EVER (ok once a few weeks before our lesson with his mom but that’s it). Vanessa in one hour was able to teach us how to dance to a whole song! INCREDIBLE!! I know with two more lessons before the wedding he will be comfortable and able to dance at the wedding because of Vanessa being so patient, thorough and helpful.

Mattie T.