Intuitive Healing Sessions

Intuitive Healing with Susannah and Vanessa – Connect to your own intuition and inner knowing and put your conscious mind in the drivers seat to create positive change in your life.

Susannah and Vanessa enjoy helping people connect to feeling good, find solutions to issues in their personal and professional lives, and remove long-standing obstacles to personal growth. Sessions help you recognize patterns of thought and behavior in your life and let go of self-sabotage through active listening, guided visualization and easy comfortable perspective changes that allow the letting go of feelings and ideas that no longer serve you. This is followed by an infusion of good feelings and ideas that do serve expanding the good in your personal life, work life and relationships.

Find expanded awareness of new possibilities, and ways to achieve your goals that fit your life and resonate with you. If you feel you are ready for some positive changes in yourself and your life, then this session is for you.


$90/25 minute Private Intuitive Session with Susannah and Vanessa