Susannah Raulino

Susannah RaulinoSusannah Raulino has taught and practiced yoga and meditation since 1987, and specializes in helping beginners find their practice, leading deep meditations, and for more advanced students leading active spiritual flows. She has also studied shamanic journeying and energy healing practices, like Pranic Healing and Reiki, with many master teachers. Combining this experience Susannah brings fun vivid guided journeys to her students and clients, leading them to their sources of inspiration, creativity and wellbeing, while helping them find new ways to create themselves and expand their inspiration.

Susannah has been writing, directing and acting in film and theater for over 25 years in Los Angeles, Seattle and Austin, and doing and teaching improv comedy since 2005, and loves leading people to their joy through Create a Gogo.


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SUSANNAH’S BOOK: It Writes Itself – A Travel Guide to Writing Fiction 

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Learn to enter your fictional worlds so vividly that writing becomes the act of listening, watching, and writing down what happens.

What Readers Have to Say About the Book

“I love your book!… the ideas and thoughts just kept on flowing! Thank you for empowering me.” – Frank A.

“This book helped me grow more as a writer than many more expensive and time consuming classes I’ve taken. I honestly can’t think of one class that I’ve taken where I’ve learned more.” – Nanci A.