The class was awesome. Super enlightening and provided skills that will help me on my acting journey. Susannah was enlightening, uplifting & inspiring. I can’t wait to keep working with her. – Alexa S.


“I am totally thrilled with our class. You are an inspiration and supporter and I appreciate that.” - Gloria S.

“Thanks to foundation of the Level I course, in the Master Class I’ve developed a confidence in my writing that I never believed possible. The work we do in Level II is very challenging, but I can see how my writing has become sharper and more focused.” - Sam H.



“Vanessa is an outstanding teacher! She is great with beginners, her lessons are fun and informative, and I always leave feeling like a better dancer!” - Jason M.

“We love our weekly private dance lessons with Vanessa! Not only is she a great dance teacher, but she is so much fun to be around.” - Jodi H.

“I took a private dance lesson from Vanessa, and absolutely loved it! She was so approachable and kept the entire session very fun and upbeat… Whether you’re a lead or a follow,  if you’re looking for a fun lesson from a comfortable and talented instructor, I highly recommend Vanessa.” – Colleen C.



“Susannah has a way of making you feel like you can be yourself during class. I also like that she will adjust my pose if need be and that she offers variations of poses (for not-super-bendy people like myself).”  – Sarah F.

“I have always wanted to try yoga but was afraid to… Susannah was very encouraging…  she has always been able to give me some modifications to ensure that I am still getting a good stretch and I have found that her yoga class is very effective in helping me wind down at the end of the week. – Jacinta A.



“I learned… how to find inspiration… (and that) I am more creative than I thought I was. I needed direction on how to act on it.” – Lee C.

“The cross discipline nature of the workshop fires all the different aspects of creativity… Exhilarating. Imaginative. High energy.  Fun!” – Dewey H.

“Groups and our happy leaders create a supportive environment.” – Geordi L.

“I learned that… creativity is there already.  State of being rather than action.”  – Wyatt T.



“Enlightening, astonishing, priceless. My first session with Susannah and Vanessa was beyond anything I could have expected…” -Dan P.

“They helped clarify my values and interpret my most authentic goals. The session is a forward thinking approach to fast-track personal development combining elements of quiet insight, self awareness and a very practical prescription for bringing out the best and highest in your life.” – Sean S.

“Susannah has a very good sense of the places where I am emotionally stuck and she gently guides me to let go of those negative feelings. I feel calm, centered, and at peace when I leave our sessions.” – Sarah F.

“Vanessa worked with me on meditation and I found it be very helpful. I could tune into the calm feeling for several days afterwards. She also has a great voice for leading a meditation—very relaxing.” – Kathi  L.



“I recommend Susannah to anyone that would like to feel good again! She is down to earth, willing to help people, and a true gift from God. Her techniques are welcoming and gentle. She was professional and polite and very pleasant during the session. Keep up the good work Susannah!” – Lisa M.