Susannah’s yoga


I teach a class at Touch of Life chiropractic that is free to clients every Monday at 5:00 pm.


Instructor Susannah Raulino has over 25 years of experience practicing and teaching yoga and meditation.


It's good for you!

It’s good for you!

I am so grateful to have been introduced to Susannah’s yoga class. I’ve tried several different teachers and studios in Austin over 7 years, and no teacher has offered such a peaceful and gentle, yet strengthening flow like Susannah does. I love how she guides the class through each moment, allowing me to truly feel in the moment and connected to my body. Become a regular, and she will get to know your abilities and work with you to improve. I so appreciate her and Vanessa’s energy. Susannah’s Sunday morning yoga class is now my church, my focus, what brings me back to center, and my body’s end-of-the-week treat. :) – Lauren K.